Get Tested

A finger-prick rapid HIV point of care test will give you a result within minutes.

The person doing the test with you, will explain how the rapid test works and what the results mean. They will also provide an opportunity to explore how you might feel about different results. They will answer any questions or address any worries you may have in relation to HIV and your sexual health.

The Drop in clinic is open every Wednesday 5-8pm @ Bodyline  Clinic, 124 Chester Street, Birkenhead. CH41 5DL

Chlamydia and gonorrhea testing also available

For more info and advice please don’t hesitate to call us on 0151 237 3990

Why test for HIV

There are lots of good reasons to get tested for HIV, especially now that the virus can be well controlled if caught early. Reasons people test include:

Being worried about HIV:

  • Maybe if you passed out or forgot what happened after drinks, chems or other drugs
  • Maybe you have been telling people you are HIV negative, but actually you’re not really sure
  • You’re dating someone who is HIV-Positive, or whose HIV status you don’t know and you’re not sure about the risks (you could also chat with a prevention specialist)

Because you want to be responsible:

  • Maybe you have just met someone new and you need to know to protect them
  • If a friend is scared to get an HIV test you might go too, to support them
  • Because your last HIV test was over 6 months ago and you have had some slip ups on safe sex since then
  • Because you are considering going on PrEP but you need to get tested first

Being exposed to risk of HIV, including;

  • Sex without a condom (whoever it is with!)
  • Sharing needles when injecting
  • Other risks associated with chem sessions

Some people just get tested the same time every year:

  • Like early in the year (after the Christmas party season)
  • If they’ve had naughty fun on holiday!
  •  Because its HIV Testing week, seems a good idea.

It’s good to know your HIV status!